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Wood soild door s and wood plasic doors

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A.  Soild wood door

1. The hardness and gloss of solid wood doors are very good, which belongs to high-end products. As long as it is wood, there will be some formaldehyde, and solid wood is the wood product with the lowest formaldehyde. And has the advantages of anti-moth, anti-fouling, anti-moisture, anti-crack, very durable.

2. The texture of the solid wood door is clear, which makes people feel very natural and comfortable visually, and the artistic decoration is very strong. It is also very good for home decoration.

3. There are also many materials for solid wood doors, such as peach, ash, teak, and white oak. You can choose different materials according to different design styles. You can also choose the style according to different areas of use.

4. However, the price of wooden doors is relatively high, so the overall decoration budget should be planned in advance, and the wooden doors are sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature.

B. Wood plasic door

Wood plasic door also is PVC door.

1. The physical properties of plastic make PVC doors flame-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-microbial, abrasion-resistant, and have good thermal insulation and elasticity.
2. PVC doors are widely used in homes, and are generally used in thermal insulation, moisturizing, dustproof, and insect-proof occasions.

3. They are only relative to sound insulation and thermal insulation, especially in the aspect of thermal insulation, which can only effectively prevent air convection.

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