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What should pay attention to when replacing windows and doors Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

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What should pay attention to when replacing windows and doors:
1. During the decoration, since the window removal process will damage the indoor and outdoor walls, it is better to replace the doors and windows first, and then proceed to the next renovation.
2. when shopping, must go to the formal building materials market, the roadside stalls its processing equipment is simple, accuracy and strength can not be guaranteed. Especially for plastic steel doors and windows, the steel lining steel they made is of inferior quality, even without lining steel, and other accessories are also very poor.
3. the appearance of aluminum home windows and doors should be blue and white. The color is too white or gray, indicating that the stable components in the material are not enough, and it is easy to age and turn yellow.
4. Check if the hardware is flexible and smooth.
5. There should be aluminum slide rails in the lower part of the sliding window frame to facilitate replacement.
6. The sealing strip of the casement window should be freely replaceable because the seal strip is shorter than the life of the window.

7. During the installation process, the horizontal and vertical alignment of the doors and windows should be supervised.

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