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High performance resident UPVC Windows and doors

Flexible operation of doors and windows, durable, comfortable,Stylish, secure and sustainable

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Beautiful & Generous

UPVC Windows and doors compared to the other doors and Windows products, more beautiful and generous, and the product style is very novel, many colors, so there are many options.
Easy to Clean

The materials of UPVC Windows and doors, in terms of cleaning is also relatively clean, it is indeed the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other occasions of the product.
Convenient to Use

It is in the use of all kinds of style, so that it can reduce the windows and doors occupied space, and second, the use of a convenient method, only need to simply pull it.
Light Weight

They are also designed to take into account the weight of UPVC Windows and doors. Since UPVC materials are used, the weight of UPVC Windows and doors is relatively light, and there are thermal insulation, warmth, prevention of humidity and other such characteristics.

Glass Type: tempered clear glass, tempered tinted glass, tempered reflective glass and LOW E glass.

Glass Thickness: Single glass, 5mm, 6mm.

Double glass, 5+6A+5mm, 6+9A+6mm, 6+12A+6mm

Triple glass (bullet-proof glass): 8+1.14pvb+8+1.14pvb+8mm

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