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Advantage of pvc upvc casement window Chinese supplier

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1. Energy-saving insulation
The multi-cavity structure of plastic steel profile has good heat insulation performance and extremely low heat transfer coefficient, which is only 1 / 4.5 of steel lining and 1/8 of aluminum. Its economic and social benefits are huge.
2. Air tightness
Plastic steel doors and windows are fitted with rubber-plastic sealing strips and wool tops at all gaps during installation, so their air tightness is much higher than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The airtightness of plastic steel casement windows is higher than that of sliding windows. In general, the airtightness of casement windows can reach four levels, and sliding windows can reach three levels.
3. Water tightness
Because the plastic steel profile has a unique multi-cavity structure, it has an independent drainage cavity, which can effectively drain the water from the frame or the fan. The watertightness of plastic casement windows is much higher than that of sliding windows. In general, the watertightness of casement windows can reach level five, and sliding windows can reach level three to four.
4. Wind pressure resistance
In the independent plastic-steel cavity, a steel lining with a thickness of 1.2-3mm can be added. The thickness of the ribs and the profile series can be selected according to the local wind pressure value, the height of the building, the size of the opening, and the window design to ensure that Building requirements for doors and windows. Generally, high-rise buildings can choose large-section sliding windows or internal casement windows, and the wind pressure strength can reach more than six degrees. Low-rise buildings can use external casement windows or small-section sliding windows. The wind pressure resistance is generally in the third level.
5. Sound insulation
The plastic steel profile itself has good sound insulation effect. If the double glass structure is used, the sound insulation effect is more ideal, especially suitable for places with severe noise interference in downtown areas, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings, etc.
6. Corrosion resistance
The plastic steel profile has a unique formula and has good corrosion resistance. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of plastic steel doors and windows mainly depends on the choice of hardware, such as anti-corrosion hardware and stainless steel. Its service life is about 10 times that of steel windows. .
7. Weatherability
The plastic steel profile adopts a unique formula to improve its cold resistance. Plastic steel doors and windows can be used in environments with large temperature differences (-50 ° C to 70 ° C) for a long time. The sun and humidity will not cause deterioration, aging, and embrittlement. The earliest plastic steel doors and windows have been used for 30 years. The material is intact as before. According to this calculation, the service life of plastic steel doors and windows can reach more than 50 years under normal conditions.
8. Fire resistance
Plastic steel doors and windows are non-flammable, non-combustible, self-extinguishing, safe and reliable. The oxygen index of the fire equipment product quality supervision and inspection station of Liaoning Province is 42.3, which complies with GB8814-1988 "U-PVC profiles for door and window frames" The oxygen index specified in the requirement is not less than 38 degrees.
9. Insulation
The plastic-steel profiles used for plastic-steel doors and windows are excellent electrical insulation steel, non-conductive, and have a high safety factor.
10. High dimensional accuracy of the finished product without deformation
The plastic steel profile has a uniform quality and a smooth surface without special surface treatment. It is easy to process and cut. After welding, the length, width and diagonal tolerances of the finished product can be controlled within 2mm. The processing accuracy is high, and the strength of the welding angle can reach 3000N. Above, at the same time, the welding area is cleared to remove the welding knob, and the surface of the profile welding area is flat and beautiful.
11. Easy to protect
Plastic steel doors and windows are not subject to erosion, yellowing and discoloration, and are not affected by ash, cement, and adhesives. There is almost no maintenance. When it is dirty, you can use any cleaning agent and it will be as white as it is after cleaning.
12. Anti-theft
The glass bead of plastic-steel doors and windows are all facing the interior. The glass is easy to replace if it is broken. The plastic-steel profile has high strength, high toughness, is not easy to break, and has good anti-theft properties.
13. Affordable price: Compared with aluminum windows, wooden windows, and steel windows that achieve the same performance, the plastic door and window are more economical and affordable.


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